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The Google Ad Preview & Diagnosis Tool is developed to simulate the Google search results for Google AdWords (Google Shopping & Paid Search) and Google organic search results based on the location (Country & City), Devices (Desktop, Mobile and Tablet), Languages, signed in Google account users and personalised searches.

The search results generated with this tool are the more accurate search results compared to the Google's own Ad Preview Tool or any other similar ad preview tool out there. With this tool, you no longer need a VPN, proxy or different devices to test search results.

Google Ad Preview Tools is in no way affiliated with the company Google. The software is developed from the idea of AdWords Ad Preview & Diagnosis Tool to produce an acurate search results for Google Shopping, Paid Search and Organic Search Results to be used by digital marketers, PPC & SEO experts and not to be confused with the Google brand.

Developed by R A; for internet marketers, PPC & SEO Agencies and Experts.
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Google Ad Preview Tool
Requires Windows, Android, iOS
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